Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Aftermath of the Flood (Genesis 9 - 11)

Here are some amazing statements as you study the Aftermath of the Flood

9:18-29 Noah and his sons.

·              9:18,19 “from these the whole earth was populated.” – This statement flies in the face of evolution, archaeology, generational scholars. What shall we do with this?           
               9:20,21 Noah’s vineyard and drunkenness.  “uncovered” – What’s the problem? Ham (over 100 years old) had no respect for his father.           
               9:25-27 The Curse and the Blessings. Please note that Noah cursed. God did not curse. Result – This has nothing to do with race and much more to do with family. But, where did the races come from? Here some thoughts: What race was Adam? What difference does it make? There might be a link to Babel (language).

    Chapter 10 The flood seems to be the cause for the origins of families, languages, lands, and nations to be separated. Implication – before the flood there was one family, one nation, one land, one nation.           

Genesis 11 Tower of Babel There are some fascinating notes in The NET Bible First Edition Notes.  I recommend that you look them up. Remember that this was Adam’s language. Their aspiration was a political one – world domination.
·   11:5 But “the Lord came down to see” – God is above the earth and sees what is going on from the heavens. His sight is better than ours. He sees all, we see physical things but there are “unseen things” which we can sense because we are made in the image of God.
·   11:6 “nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them” – God knows the ability of man. Mankind has not yet discovered that ability to do the “impossible” though they try. Language is evidently a key ingredient to this ability. All sorts of rebellion.

Comments: Calvin ended his own expositions by saying, “This is what God has given me on this passage,” after which he would invite others to respond, not least by compensating for his shortcomings.” I extend the invitation to comment to you in the spirit of Calvin.