Saturday, June 17, 2017

Abram and Lot - Genesis 13:5-17

            This opens a new chapter in Abram’s life. Now he starts to deal with God’s plan and that includes his relationship to Lot, his nephew.

13:5-7 Prosperity leads to a quarrel.  Is it significant that the Canaanites were in the land? All of a sudden, the land becomes crowded = precious. What happens when there is not enough of stuff to go around?

13:8-9 Abram gives Lot a choice to avoid the quarrel. Oops. Whose land was it? Wasn’t God the true owner who had given the land to Abram? Did Abram have the right to give Lot a choice?

13:10-13 Lot’s choice was a good choice for him but it came with risk (Sodom). Did Lot know? I think he knew but was willing to take the risk. How many times do we know the risk but make the choice anyhow?

13:14-17 “Then the Lord said” God speaks to Abram and reminds Abram about whose land it really is and what God is giving to Abram. Lot only gets in on the inheritance of Abram if he sticks with Abram. Land possession is all about connections!

13:18 Abram moves to Hebron – a strategic choice for him. Why that choice? Did God tell him to move there? Don’t think so. Did Abram make the right choice – I think so. How do we discern the will of God when God doesn’t give us specific instructions? Abram believed the promise of God which tells me that if we believe the Lord then we can choose our way in faith that God guides us in our choice. What do you think?

                           “There he built an altar to the Lord.”  
How many altars did Abram build? Bethel (12:8; Hebron (13:18).  Do you have to build an altar if you have already built one if the building is an indication of a willingness to worship? Yes, Bethel. Do you have to worship (call on the name of the Lord) often? Yes, Hebron.