The Flood Is Universal
 – Mark F. Rooker, The Genesis Flood

            In the Bible, the Flood is the primary archetypal act of judgment on fallen humanity. For at least eight reasons the Flood described in Genesis 6:9–9:17 should be considered world-wide rather than local:
      1. The phrase “under the whole heaven” (Gen 7:19) cannot be reduced to a local situation.
      2. The purpose of the Flood was to judge the entire population of humanity apart from righteous Noah.
      3. The large size of the ark would not be necessary if the Flood were restricted to a local domain.
      4. Second Peter 3:3–7 describes an overwhelming catastrophic event.
      5. A local flood could not cover the Ararat Mountains, which reach 17,000 feet, for over a year.
      6. The promise never to destroy the earth again with a flood has universal implications. Many have died in local floods since the time of Noah.
      7. If the Flood were local, Noah and his family could have easily migrated to another country rather than build an ark.

      8. Only a worldwide flood could account for the attestation of legends in virtually all regions of the world.