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Monday, February 27, 2017

The Rainbow Promise (Gen. 9)

 9:1-8 The world after the flood.
9:2 The fear of you(man) will be on every beast, bird, creeping thing, fish. Are men afraid of God’s creatures? Yes. Why? This is the effect of sin on man rather than sin in the creatures.
9:5 God’s law of the jungle – Beasts that kill man shall be killed. Men that kill men shall be killed.
9:6 The reason for capital punishment – man made in the image of God. (Exodus 20:13; 21:12.)
9:8-11 The Covenant God makes with Man.
9:8 God spoke – Not an observation after the flood. Not a conclusion man could make. Needed to hear God’s take on the situation.
9:9 God’s personal covenant with Noah and the descendants of Noah (all mankind).
9:10 God’s covenant extends to all living things – those affected by Man’s sin.
9:11 No more water judgment. Never again a universal flood. Local floods are not the judgment of God.
 9:12-17The Rainbow Sign. What is a rainbow? Does it serve a practical function? Does a rainbow do anything? Reminds us of the promise of God and His care for beauty. If there is a rainbow and nobody is there to see it – is it still visible? (Yes, God sees it.)

9:18-29 Noah and his sons.
9:18,19 “from these the whole earth was populated.” – Flies in the face of evolution,
9:20,21 Noah’s vineyard and drunkenness. 
“uncovered” – What’s the problem? Ham (over 100 years old) had no respect for his father.
9:22-24 Shem and Japheth had respect for their father.

9:25-27 Curse of Canaan – Was a curse from Noah (a man) not God. One man’s curse on another man’s son.

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