Wednesday, February 8, 2017

God Remembers Noah (Gen. 8)

8:1 God remembers – God does not forget. People forget.
8:4 The ark rested – Salvation rests upon the mountain of the promise of God
8:6 A window on Noah’s world. There was no guarantee/promise that the flood waters would recede.
8:7 Raven = long range view. hope
8:8,9 Dove = short range view. hope
8:10,11 Dove = short range view again. Olive leaf = promise fulfilled that God remembered.
8:12 Dove = no return = flood receded.
8:13-19 The water was dried up!
8:13 Noah looked = confirmed the promise.
8:14 Dry – flood receded, not desert.

8:15 God spoke to Noah – Physical signs were not enough. Noah needed to hear the voice of God. Nature is no enough. There must be Divine communication. He is there and He is not silent.
8:16,17 Instructions.
8:18,19 Obedience.
8:20-21An altar of thanksgiving.
8:21 A promise – “I will never again curse the ground on account of man.” – The ground is no longer the responsibility of man. – What does that say about environmentalists? God has taken up the responsibility for the ground. The earth is the Lord’s not Man’s. The link is broken.

8:22 The seasons. Are the seasons regulated by physical science, weather (if you will)? No, they are promised and regulated by God. A remembrance of the flood (if you will.) How long? “while the earth remains.” Regularity promised = shall not cease. The seasons will always do their cycle while the earth remains.