Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Judgment is Coming - We call it The Flood

                           Genesis 6:1-4 The Setting – God strives with men.
6:1 More people – This is God’s census. We don’t know how many, but “more”.
6:2 Major Problem for our Understanding – Who are “the sons of God”? I like what Ryrie says: “the sons of God. Possibly the godly line of Seth, or ungodly kings and kinglets of that day, or more likely, a group of fallen angels… Angels do not procreate after their kind (Mark 12:25).”
            Note: Not angels. Possibly men controlled by bad angels. More likely, the godly line of Seth. The context refers to “flesh” and “man” not angels. The Nephilim (giants) are “men”.
6:3 The Spirit that moved on the earth (1:2) now strives with men – but not “forever”. God reminds man that he is mortal (“flesh”). God makes a promise – 120 years left in the era of Adam.
                                              6:5-7 The sorrow of God.
      6:5 The reason for the universal flood was the universal wickedness.
·      Wickedness – twisted.
·     Every intention of the thoughts of the heart – comprehensive and deep. “heart” not “mind”
·     Evil continually – contra good always.
                                               6:8-10 But Noah.
·       Why the exception? God’s grace (favor).
·                             Result of God’s favor:
o   Righteous.
o   Blameless in his time – not like his contemporaries.
o   Walked with God.
                                   6:11-12 The corruption of the earth.

6:12 God looked – He sees. “all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth” – self-corruption, no blame on someone else – not the woman, not the snake, “It’s me, oh Lord”